Our Mold Process


Mold remediation is a process employed to remove mold from homes and properties. We often explain to people that we physically remove the mold as opposed to treating it.

Our Remediation Process:


Containment & Negative Pressure system

When performing mold remediation a sealed containment over the affected area is vital. The first step in our process is to build a seal the ductwork off, cover any furniture, and build a barrier to quarantine off the contaminated area. We erect six mil plastic sheeting walls. We install a HEPA negative air scrubber. The air scrubber is then discharged directly outside. When the air scrubber is turned in it positively pressurizes the remaining areas of the home forcing air to flow through the contained area and outside. This procedure eliminates the possibilities of cross-contamination. Air scrubbers with HEPA filters are used to rid the air of airborne mold spores.


Demolition & Removal of Affected Materials

We can then begin the demolition process.  At this point, we remove any semi and porous building materials and personal belongings that are deemed affected. The only efficient way to remediate mold and ensure that it will not return is to dispose of it. Any non-porous surfaces can be treated with our EPA registered anti-microbial agents.



At this point, we begin our rigorous process of cleaning. This process entails the following procedures.


-HEPA Vacuum every square inch of the contained area

-Clean all horizontal surfaces with a microfiber towel treated with antimicrobial agents

-HEPA sand and scrub all salvageable building materials. At times we employ dry ice blasting dependent upon the level of contamination.

-Fog the air with our anti-microbial. Fogging allows any floating spores to be encapsulated and bring them down to the floor.

-Finally, a final HEPA vacuuming is performed to ensure proper remediation

We allow the air scrubber to run for a period of no less than three days. This aids in our efforts to efficiently remove any possibilities of mold contaminants.



When we complete our mold remediation process, we recommend that you contact a third party inspector to validate successful remediation.