Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims:

When you have a flood, fire, or any damage for that matter. Your first instinct is to call your insurance company. The insurance company gives you a couple of company names to call. Do you have to use their contractors? Not. You can select whichever company you please. However, most people do not know this. They merely accept whichever company they suggest. In our opinion, you should check the reviews of that group as you would with anything else. American Restoration is one of the highest rated companies in the restoration business. Our pricing software is the same as the insurance companies. American will not do anything to tarnish our good name or yours. Don’t trust your home to anyone without going through the necessary checks you would go with anything else. After all, it is technically your money and your house. You have to live with the possibilities shoddy work. American can be a valuable asset for you when dealing with insurance adjusters. Our field representatives are some of the most well educated and trained people in this field.  Don’t leave it to chance. We are tried and true restoration professionals.