Crawlspace Encapsulation

NOT JUST A MOLD PROBLEM – Crawl Space Encapsulation

Besides being a breeding ground for mold, your crawl space has many other dangers. Did you know that up to 50% of the air on the first floor of your home comes from the crawlspace? In Northern Virginia, houses built on crawl spaces have a tough time handling moisture. Without crawlspace encapsulation, dangerous gases such as Radon and polluted air are allowed into the home, leading to allergies, asthma and a host of other issues.

American Crawlspace Encapsulation, Humidity Barrier, and Humidity Control will handle the following issues:

Poor air quality in your living space

Minor allergies to severe infections (breathing difficulties)

Uncomfortable humidity levels in summer and cold floors in winter

Higher heating and cooling costs (15% to 35% higher) and decreased the life of HVAC/HEPA units and ducts.

Structural Decay, including rotted sills, joists, floorboards, stuck doors/windows and buckled hardwood floors

Condensation on air conditioning equipment, ductwork, insulation, water pipes and truss plates


Radon Gas

Insect and rodent infestations

If your crawl space has not been encapsulated yet, take control of the air quality in your home and your family’s health! Contact American today.