Black Mold

Black Mold Remediation

We get questions about black mold all the time. Perhaps, you have some too. However, the truth about black mold is that there are many types of molds that are black in color. Also, most of what you probably read about the health effects of black mold are unproven. So what are the real health effects of black mold? All mold, be it black, green, yellow, can cause allergies (sneezing, coughing, watery eyes) in some people. Further, just because it’s black does not mean it can potentially impact your health anymore or less than any other color of mold. ¬†There are over 100,000 species of mold and just knowing the color to the naked eye does not tell you how it might impact your health (with possible allergy-like symptoms). So if it’s black, should it be removed any differently than say another color of mold? No. The color of the mold is irrelevant because the proper way to remove mold is the same regardless of the color or species.

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